It's not rocket science

My lord and savior Jesus Christ is in the lineage of King David; can't get any more Jewish than that. I believe those who hate Jews love Satan. Just look at what they do. Not rocket science. I set before you life and death; choose life.



Why we support him

I read a letter in the paper from Bob Harrison who didn't know why Christians support President Trump. Frankly, as a Christian, I don't understand why you don't support President Trump.

Why do I support him? 1. He is a businessman, not a politician. 2. Under his presidency the economy grew for everyone, Black, white, red and yellow. 3. Illegal immigration slowed down (building the wall). 4. We were becoming energy independent (drill, baby, drill). 5. Roe v. Wade overturned.

You said he was an ungodly person. What do we have now? Under this administration it seems young people don't know if they are male or female (don't know basic biology). Babies by the thousands are being murdered, and there are thousands of illegal aliens coming across our borders every day, some to do great harm. We are dependent on other countries (who want to destroy us) for our energy, our streets are unsafe, businesses are closing because of theft and crime, police officers are quitting for lack of support, homelessness is out of control.

What is wrong with having a strong economy, energy independence, secure borders, and supporting pregnant women instead of helping them have their babies killed?

You can now stop wondering and worrying about why we support President Trump. I have told you several but not all of the reasons. Now that you are better informed you can stop pointing fingers at us. You can stop wondering and worrying about why we Christians support President Trump. Don't worry about our motives and reasons. You are not the one to whom we have to answer.


Bella Vista

Omissions in column

Dr. Bradley Gitz's column "Race to the bottom" discusses the Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade as engendering extreme positions on both sides. It seems to me the vast majority of the media has promoted this decision as a "ban on abortion" and conservatives as being the only extremists. I was disappointed in his omission of this fact in his comments.

That said, I would have expected him to refer to the unborn as having human rights and that these rights are not conferred by government. As St. Teresa of Calcutta so eloquently spoke, "They are every human being's entitlement by virtue of his humanity."



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