This little game wants to play with your brain, Arkansas

Democrat-Gazette photo illustration/Celia Storey
Democrat-Gazette photo illustration/Celia Storey

Let's play Obfuscation.

Below are some of the definitions of one common word. Do you know the word?

This three-letter word can be a noun, a verb, an adjective or a combining form. The various forms entered modern English from a different source or sources. The noun, for instance, came from a Middle English word descended from Old English that was related to an Old High German word for "end," a Latin word for "before," and a Greek word for "against."

? ... ? ... ?

The word means ...

 ◼ The point where something ceases to exist.

 ◼ The point of an enterprise or undertaking.

 ◼ Something incomplete, fragmentary, undersized.

 ◼ Remnant.

 ◼ A period of action or a team's turn in certain sports.

 ◼ To destroy.

 ◼ A point marking the extent of something.

The Nov. 27 word was "bully." I'll print today's answer Dec. 11, but feel free to email if you'd like to know sooner.

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