Washington County marriage licenses

The following marriage license applications were recorded Nov. 16-29 in the Washington County Clerk's Office.

Nov. 16

Airi Junior Bellu, 27, and Tarlynn Hasako Edmond, 26, both of Springdale

Dakoda Scott Duane Christanson, 20, and Ashley Brianne Hoskins, 19, both of Lincoln

Joshua Ke'ale Matsuyama, 25, and Sydney Mae Reynolds, 22, both of Fayetteville

Nov. 17

Joseph Perry Anderson, 37, and Kathy Rene Wilson, 38, both of Fayetteville

Jonathan Patrick Bouchet, 26, and Zoe Rhiannon Hinkle, 21, both of Springdale

Larry Randal Campbell, 59, and Shelly Gay Spahn, 64, both of Grove, Okla.

Gil Montalvo-Encinas, 46, Springdale, and Maria Luz Cisneros Mendoza, 45, Green Forest

Tyler Elijah Woods, 33, and McKenzie Don Obrien, 29, both of Tontitown

Nov. 20

John Glenn Beck, 47, and Kristie Melisa Robrahn, 48, both of Springdale

Grant Logan Bishop, 24, and Sadie Jae Potts, 21, both of Fayetteville

Kyan Jai Cohen, 19, Elkins, and Emilia Ruth McClymonds, 18, Fayetteville

Jonathan Wyatt Cunningham, 26, and Alexia BraeLynn Lamp, 23, both of Lincoln

Christian Thomas Dorsey, 18, Springdale, and Allyson Ann Dillard, 18, Lowell

Dalvin Jibon, 21, and Carolina Carna Limkary, 19, both of Springdale

Matheus Viana Magalhaes, 30, and Stephanie Leann Fry, 42, both of Fayetteville

Nov. 21

Hesbone Clenn Abadines, 26, and Merielenda Pehmot, 28, both of Springdale

Jose Jaime Calderon Gomez, 22, and Destiny Jamelee Soltero, 23, both of Springdale

Kendra Renea Center, 29, and Karol Rae Thompson, 40, both of Camden

Thomas Moore Herring, 24, Farmington, and Lydia Rose Ballinger, 20, Ozark

Eddy Antonio Lopez Gonzalez, 28, and Betzy Javiera Ramirez, 31, both of Springdale

Tyler Ray Davis Perkins, 35, and Andrea Rashel Steadman, 33, both of Elkins

Nov. 22

Adrian Allen Landsaw, 49, and LaDonna Lee Allen, 46, both of Springdale

Michael Brandon Smith, 31, and Lindsay Elizabeth McMillan, 33, both of Springdale

Logan James Theriot, 28, and Regan Claire Harwin, 28, both of Lafayette, La.

Garrett Lee Auston Wade, 20, and Emmalyn Michelle Ladena Johnson, 21, both of Fayetteville

Jesse James Wallager, 29, and Angela Kay Backerman, 29, both of Prairie Grove

David Gordon Wright, 42, and Shaina Lianne Easter, 31, both of Fayetteville

Nov. 27

Norman Brent Berry Jr., 33, and Lydia Ruth Sietsema, 36, both of Springdale

Cole Garrison Dixon, 33, and Olivia Frances Mink, 26, both of Fayetteville

Nathan Paul Murdock, 40, and Josephine Margaret Barrick, 26, both of Lincoln

Kelly Lynn Nichols, 26, and Maison Paige Thomas, 21, both of Gentry

Charles Gregory Wallis, 45, and Tara Lyn Bennett, 44, both of Farmington

Nov. 28

Juan Cordero Navarro, 30, and Beatriz Bravo-Pacheco, 35, both of Springdale

Amol Rajendrakumar Deshpande, 32, and Riya Paul, 30, both of Fayetteville

Nov. 29

Jose Francisco Asencio Aleman, 25, and Jennifer Mirtala Rodriguez, 25, both of Springdale

Joshua Owen Neal, 23, Springdale, and Rachel Camille Johnson, 22, of Fayetteville

Kenneth Bain Noisewater, 49, and Cassandra Lynne Facio, 41, both of Fayetteville