OPINION | MIKE MASTERSON: Illegal invasion

I seldom offer personal opinions on national politics, leaving that to veteran editorial page pundits far more well-sourced than I once was as a news reporter. Yet neither can I ignore recent developments that have become apparent to everyone and are dangerous to our nation's welfare and future.

Anyone with a gram of common sense wondering why the Biden administration is trying to prevent Texas from protecting its state and our nation by applying razor-wire fences to help stem the endless hordes of illegal foreign invaders?

Polls show a majority of Americans want this invasion stopped. To me that means we are being steered by an administration that ignores and overrides the people's preference, which is anything but democratic, wouldn't you agree?

By issuing an executive order to stop it, just like Barack Obama effectively did, Joe Biden chooses to blame others while protecting and championing the invaders. Hard to believe, isn't it?

The majority of these arrivals are reported to be of military age. What should that tell members of every political party? Should this inexplicable abdication of responsibility to our citizens result in future terrorist attacks, the responsibility for results will fall on this president and his malfeasant Department of Homeland "Security."

Meanwhile, the U.S-enabled encroachers continue pouring unvetted through illegal points across our border by the millions to be coddled by the administration. The resulting onslaught is on the verge of bankrupting local facilities designed solely to serve their voting, taxpaying citizens.

Ask even elected Democrat leaders' in New York, Texas, Chicago and Arizona whose pleas for Biden's help have gone rudely unanswered in D.C.

Perhaps the biggest irony is it seems this derelict administration is using our hard-earned tax money to fuel the calculated illegal invasion that's proceeding as quickly as possible while it has the power to champion waves of illegals over America's welfare. Is this what he was elected to accomplish? What about naturalized citizens who immigrated legally without his largess?

I keep waiting for a mainstream reporter to ask why this administration and his political party (whose members each swore a constitutional oath to the welfare and protection of our nation) are inflicting such a dangerous burden on us while trying to deny the obvious.

Wouldn't it be nice if Biden would schedule a news conference that begins: "Fellow Americans, most of you are rightfully wondering just why I and my administration are favoring the invading and unvetted illegal migrants over your desires, welfare and safety while you are footing the bill. [Now leaning close to the microphone with a silly grin and inappropriate whisper.] Well, no fooling, here is why ..."

I've yet to hear that relevant question even posed by the politically partisan media. Seems to me it must be answered for history's sake and because our children and theirs who one day will deserve to know just how, when, by whom and why this was done to them and their country.

I read polls that reported sizable numbers are invading us because of the poor economy in their native countries. Does that mean being from a poor country is now a legitimate reason for "seeking asylum" here? If so, why not take in all non-U.S.-taxpaying populations from every poor nation in the world and also do it in violation of our rule of law?

There clearly is something much more insidious to this tactic and the timing.

Blaming bumblin', mumblin', stumblin' Joe is intentional because he's such an easy mark. I believe he's been slated all along as the intended visible target. But to me the culprits behind this calculated attack on people-rule democracy (polls show a distinct majority of Americans are concerned about our open borders) stretch into the shadows well beyond our inept figurehead.

It seems equally clear that lots of other Americans also believe that those who continually pull Biden's strings are responsible for what's happening to us, as the flagrantly partisan mainstream media fails miserably in its sacred First Amendment responsibility to inform Americans with honest details behind the who and why.

By the way, let me know if I've said anything above that isn't fundamentally true. If perhaps you have an explanation for the why behind the corruptive invasion, I'd like to hear it since no one who can answer is explaining their actions.

Canine attack?

As regular readers know, I am interested in learning and spreading the word about all serious maulings and deadly attacks by large dogs left unrestrained by irresponsible owners across our state. Send an informative email, please, since some cases never make even the local news.

Mike Masterson is a longtime Arkansas journalist, was editor of three Arkansas dailies and headed the master's journalism program at Ohio State University. Email him at [email protected].

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